Pickup Locations

Please be aware that we do not advise customers of their pickup time or location until 2 weeks before departure. The reason we do this is to allow for maximum flexibility when scheduling & routing the pickups to the coach. Your pickup information will be sent by post together with copies of your travel documents and luggage labels.

East Midlands


Bus Station


North Street


Wycliffe Rooms


Bus Station


Bus Station


Bus Layby outside Motor Museum

North West, Shropshire and West Midlands

For each tour, pick-up locations will be determined based on the pick-up choice that was specified at the time of booking.

Close to Home Pick-ups

  • Pick-up will be organised within a 10 mile radius of your home
  • Where possible customers will be picked up as close to your home– the best case scenario is that you are collected from your home
  • At worst you will travel no more than 10 miles from your home to the nominated pick-up point.

Guaranteed Door to Door Pick-ups

You are collected and delivered back to your door. For this service an additional charge of £25.00 per person is levied. Please note that while you may travel with clients who have been picked up at the door on the close to home basis, you have paid for the guarantee.

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